Non-standard racks and luxury packaging

Production of transport, die, luxury and custom packages of laminated corrugated cardboard.


Own production line for: Corrugated "N" and "B" wave, thickness 1-3 mm; Five-layers corrugated profiles of fluting "B" + "E"; Micro "E" wave, thickness 1.5 mm; Moisture resistant corrugated cardboard.


Printing and laminating of layers corrugated cardboard with cardboard; Lamination – matte, glossy, silver and gold foil; Punching cartons and stoppers; Luxury packaging with embossed outer layer.


Corrugated cardboard and cardboard are environmentally friendly materials, 100% recyclable, do not contain harmful substances, packaging cardboard and corrugated protect the environment.


Printing Skat Oil Ltd.

Skat Oil Ltd. began production of packaging, displays, advertising pillars and panels of cardboard and corrugated 1995 With its years of experience and work with high-quality equipment from leading companies in the printing and finishing processes, printing providing quality products to its customers. The print shop has its own production line for laminated corrugated cardboard, micro and moisture resistant corrugated cardboard.

Skat Oil Ltd. is mainly specialized in producing racks, stoppers, boxes and boxes of wine, fancy packaging, custom corrugated packaging for the food industry, packaging for cosmetics and others. Skate Oil Ltd. has equipment for production of corrugated cardboard boxes (embossed) outer layer of packaging. Printing continues to modernize and implement new systems and products..